Microphone Spectrum Support in Flash CS5

Wow!  What a great release – Adobe Flash Player 10.1 / Adobe Flash CS5:



1. Multitouch (Goose)
2. Compute Spectrum on the Microphone (Woodpecker)
3. Accelerometer (Penguin)


In past versions of Flash, we have only had sound frequency and waveform data for MP3 and FLV’s in Flash.  We only had the throughput (similar to volume) for the microphone.  In Flash 10.1 we can now animate to frequency and wavelength of microphone input!  This is amazing!!

We can now use Woodpecker to:

animate to live bands!
animate to people talking in a room!
animate to live chats!

Download Woodpecker Sound Animation Classes for Flash and try it out!

All the best!


4 Responses

  1. Sounds great. Is there an example fla+as that shows the microphone spectrum support?

    I take it Flash Pro CS4 won’t do it and CS5 is required?

    • Yes… CS5 is needed – I have not tried with the mic yet – but might soon as I just started using CS5… if you got anything working, let me know…


  2. Did anyone tried the to draw microphone spectrum support? Any luck?

    • I did try and it works. I have not put it in to Woodpecker yet – might be able to get to it nearer the end of the holidays and for sure in January.

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