Microphone Sound Spectrum now Included in Woodpecker Open Source ActionScript 3 Classes


The microphone is now supported in the Woodpecker open source ActionScript sound spectrum classes.  Just download the zip file and see the mic example.

You need to make a Microphone object in your file (as shown in the sample) and then pass the fact that you want to use the mic as the last parameter to Woodpecker.

var myMic:Microphone = Microphone.getMicrophone();
var mic:Boolean = true;
new WoodPecker(clip, type, num, size, freq, dragable, mic);



WoodPecker for Flash Launches to Help Designers and Developers Animate to Sound Wave and Frequency Spectrum in Adobe Flash


WoodPecker is an open source Flash package of classes that lets you animate to sound frequency or wave form of MP3 or FLV sounds. You can easily make a frequency bars for instance (bass mid treble) or make visualizations to sound. Multiple clips supported.

Visit https://woodpeckerflash.wordpress.com and download the zip at the left.  There are full instructions on how to install the classes and examples on how to use them.  See the CODE page and the VIDEO pages for an introduction and to see the samples in action.


Please let us know if you use WoodPecker and we will add you to the Friends area at left.  If you use WoodPecker for a commercial venture and would care to donate that would be super!


WoodPecker is one of a selection of open source solutions called Flash Feathers available at http://flashfeathers.wordpress.com.


Dan Zen